Thank you for your interest in Next Generation Preschool!  We believe children have the right to a safe, secure, and loving environment.  We view children as a gift from God who are individuals with separate needs and desires and they deserve respect and consideration from their teachers. We foster self-esteem, self-competence, and self-discipline through a nurturing environment.

We model and encourage pro-social behaviors, sensitivity to others, and peaceful conflict resolution. We plan developmentally appropriate activities that encourage children’s learning through play, experimentation and interaction with meaningful materials to promote understanding and problem solving. We promote creativity and self-expression and assure a joyful experience for children by encouraging participation in art, drama and movement activities.

We believe families are a child’s first teacher and we foster a nurturing relationship with families in order to serve our children better.

The preschool is designed to meet the social, spiritual, physical, creative, emotional and cognitive needs of children from two through five years of age and offer support to their families.


Enrolling Now!!! -- SPACE IS LIMITED!

Please print out the Registration Form and Health and Web Consent Form and bring them with you when you register.

Class Offerings 2014-2015

2 Yr Old Class:
Mon./Wed. /Fri  9:00-11:00
$55 Non-Refundable Reg. fee
*Ms. Kim – Lead Teacher

3 Yr Old Class: Mon/Wed/Fri   9:00-11:30
$70 Non-Refundable Reg. fee
Ms. Kim – Lead Teacher
4/5 Yr. Old Class: Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am-12pm
$80 Non-Refundable Reg. Fee
Ms. Allison Lead Teacher

4/5 Yr Old Class: M/T/W/Th/F 9:00am-12pm
$90 Non-Refundable Reg. Fee

Next Generation Preschool is associated with South Side Church of the Nazarene

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